Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh Blogger, I've been neglecting you.

So, I know I lied. I got all wrapped up in buying a car/4th of July stuff and have been just way too busy.
Yeah, that's right, I bought a car. The truck was getting way too poor gas mileage for me (My guess was single digits in the city, and barely 14mpg on the freeway), so I decided to spend some money on a more reasonable car. Though I use the term "reasonable" rather loosely because of what I bought.

It's a 97 Chrysler Sebring Convertible lol. I only paid $1400 for it, and the outside looks rather brilliant, barely any dents, and only a couple of scratches. The only down side is that the rear window in the top has separated, and I suspect it leaks. We've only had immense heat ever since I bought it so I can't really check to see if it does. But I found lots of moisture in the trunk, and the rear seat bottom foam/carpets are also wet. So I guess the next thing I'm going to do is buy a new top (only $300) and call it good. It's also an automatic, which isn't my favorite thing but I'll survive. But it gets 28mpg on the freeway so I'm more than ecstatic!

It was a completely whimsical purchase that turned out to be not so bad at all. Has anyone else lucked out like that before?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick Update

I'm driving two hours to go check out a car I might buy. Hopefully it's not crap like the last car I went to look at. I plan on having a full-length post when I get back later tonight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

So today's the first day of summer in the Pacific Northwest, and in true PNW fashion, it was a hot and muggy day. Good thing it was just for today only, and the rest of the week is regular temps. Oh how I love Washington. I was working at the jobsite that had the bamboo forest, and when I was standing on the patio by the house, the view looked superb, with a nice view of the top of Mt. Rainier above the hill.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Secret To A Better Workout?

So I'm getting ready to go running on my treadmill but I couldn't find the shirt I usually work out in, so I decided I'd just do it without a shirt because it was already hot. I get about a half-mile done and then I realize that I can see myself in my mirror, and I instantly go "Oh god is that what I look like with my shirt off?!"

I'm pretty sure I found a sure-fire way to make you workout harder, and for a longer duration. Just seeing what I looked like now was a perfect tool in motivating me to keep doing what I'm doing, and I ended up working out for nearly twice as long as I usually do. So all you need is a mirror in front of you when you're working out and then you'll never want to quit :)

Anyone else have some weird workout tips they've stumbled upon?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Resident Evil: Afterlife

So, Netflix suggested I watched the latest RE film since I watched the previous three that came out. For some reason, all the netflix users gave it negative reviews, saying how terrible the acting was, ect ect. I actually quite liked it, most because I'm a sucker for zombie movies. Even so, it felt like this movie was rushed around quite a bit, with a lot of scene-hopping going on. I found it hilarious to see Michael Scofield (character from Prison Break) in this movie, again stuck in a prison trying to get out. The action scenes are solid, with blood galore. My favorite part though was the fight scene between the giant executioner zombie with a huge hammer/axe thing and Alice/Claire. The giant zombie reminded me of pyramid head, how terrifying.

Do you guys know of any good zombie movies that are worth watching?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Katy Perry... huh?

So, Katy Perry released her new music video. I know not everyone likes her, and I'm not the biggest fan of her new album, but this video just had so many random people in it I couldn't help but laugh.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mobile Blogging?

So, I'm trying to find an android app that will let me blog from my phone, I've tried two so far and they both suck. Do you guys have any suggestions that I should try?

In other news, on Friday I was at a job site and I stumbled across a bamboo forest. It was really neat inside, and there was a creek running along side it. I was half-expecting a panda to pop outta nowhere though...